How to easily convert your Piwik instance into URL shortener?


After couple of weeks, finally – ShortcodetTracker plugin for Piwik is out in MVP version.

What does it do?

Basically it allows you to generate a shortcode for any URL you want.
After this, you can use your domain with this code to perform redirect to original URL.

This might be useful to.. well, cut long links short, but also for monitoring how often each of your shortcodes was visited.

Here are few most crucial features of plugin:

  • generate shortcode for any custom URL
  • integrates with Actions report and adds handy icon to generate such shortocde in one click,
  • convert your Piwik instance into redirect host,
  • and more coming.

For keeping up to date feel free to observe this repository on Github.

Also any feedback or feature requests are warmly welcome!


Stay tuned for more Piwik plugin goodies!

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